Meet the Experts at

Most online shoppers like to do research before making any purchase. Over 100,000 people have trusted the experts at to give them advice about their online watch and jewelry purchases. hires and trains jewelry experts to give their customers all the information on a potential watch or jewelry purchase before they buy. Professional jewelers and jewelry appraisers help to write the product descriptions on, so that customers can get all of the up-to-date information on the style and technical side of a watch before they buy it. watches are all selected by trained scouts who are led by the company President, Shlomo Lustig. Shlomo has more than 15 years of experience in watch retail, and he personally selects many of the watches himself. Now, because of the size of the company, he has taken on the role of training scouts and approving the collections, which allows to offer a large collection all with Shlomo’s personal touch.  Scouts travel all over the world to find the best pieces for

All customer service representatives at are trained in the watches. They know how to describe each watch’s style and function.  Because they sit in the offices, they can easily get up and look at a watch in person to make sure it has any function that you are looking for. They even try on the new watches so that they get an idea of how they look first hand.  Every customer service representative for is also trained in troubleshooting, jewelry maintenance, and the company’s warranty, return, and shipping policies.

As you can see, any advice you get from will come from a trained expert with a wealth of knowledge about watches and jewelry. Visit their web site or contact their customer service department to see for yourself, or to make a purchase.


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