’s Home Offices is primarily known as an internet company. It has broken all records for an online watch retailer, and it continues to grow. has more than 100,000 customers who have never set foot into a store. Unlike some companies that operate stores and a website, they don’t have any stores at all. The company only interfaces with customers on the phone or online via chat or email. All orders are placed through their web site at

Despite the fact that all of their retail business is done online, still needs somewhere from where to run their operations. Now, they have two main offices; one in the UK and one in the United States. From these offices, they handle all of the packing and shipping of purchases. This is all overseen by Operations and Marketing Director Isaac Lustig, who works between the two offices. The home offices also house the returns and repairs department. If you call or email with a customer service rep for, you’ll talk to someone in one of these offices as well.  They also have all of the traditional departments you would find in any large company, such as human resources, accounting, and quality assurance.

It is remarkable to see how the offices can be so busy and efficient! Even though does not have a store, they still run a full retail operation with a great deal of inventory. Staff work quickly to get every order out the door as quickly as possible, even during busy times around holidays. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed at the offices for security and insurance purposes. You’ll just have to visit the web site at to get an idea of their huge collection and the speed with which they operate!


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