Blog Tracks Jewelry Trends

If you’re looking for more information on the latest jewelry trends, check out the blog at ‘s web site, I love to read fashion blogs online, and this blog from the number one watch retailer on the web is quickly becoming one of my favorites for news on jewelry trends. It has a great variety. I’m always surprised to see how much I can learn about watches on their web site at  Today, they have a great feature on the Odis Bob Dylan watch, which I know my Dad would just love for his birthday. The classic but rustic watch really captures the style of Bob Dylan’s American tomboy look.

The blog also always features new advertising campaigns for watches, and it has articles on watches that sell at auction, or remarkable watches like a recent $5 million watch that is on display in Basel, Switzerland. According to the blog, the watch is for display only. The blog also helps to explain special features on watches. It’s a great resource if you are wondering what all those knobs and dials on your new watch are for! It can also help you plan your next jewelry purchase to make sure you get the most for your investment.

The blog is written by the team of experts at After catching up on the blog, I always click over to their retail site at to see what’s new or on sale. is an international company that curates a finely edited collection of watches. They have watches from around the world at surprisingly great prices! I’m always impressed to see how well they can beat department store prices. Check out the blog and the retail site next time you are looking for a watch or just a good read online.


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