I am always hesitant to spend a lot of money online, but won me over. I was looking for a watch for my daughter for her college graduation. She is starting her first full-time job in a few weeks, and I thought a watch would be the perfect accessory for her new business suits. I had looked around the local department stores for a watch, but I thought most of them looked either too young or too old for her. She likes the new trends in watches, like rose gold, but I wanted to get something that she would be able to use for years to come.

I did a Google search online, and I saw an ad for I clicked on it and saw a great variety of watches on their home page. They had watches from all the big designers I had been considering. I was able to compare various watches by price and style. I even sent an email to a customer service agent to see if she thought the watch I had in mind would be right for someone my daughter’s age. She agreed that it would be perfect!

The watch came ahead of schedule, and I gave it to my daughter at her college graduation party. She was thrilled! She wears it almost every day. I’m also happy that it comes with a two-year warranty, so  will take care of any repairs that she needs for the next few years while she is getting set up in her job.