New Jewelry Trends Seen on

Just like in clothing fashion, new collections of jewelry and watches are released several times per year. Following New York fashion week, you’ve probably seen plenty of coverage of the Spring 2013 fashion shows and upcoming trends. If you’re interested in jewelry trends, which get slightly less coverage in newspapers and magazines, check out is a major online retailer that has sold watches to over 100,000 customers. It is the leading online watch retailer, and is run by Shlomo Lustig, who has more than 15 years of experience in watch and jewelry retail.

This year, there are several new trends in men’s and women’s watches. In women’s watches, faces are getting larger. For many years, delicate watches have dominated the scene. Now, women are turning to statement watches with larger faces that grab the eye. Trends are also branching out from classic silver and gold. Now, watches are available in a wide range of colors. Fashionable watch wearers are sporting watches in bronze, rose gold, and yellow gold. On, check out the variety of fashionable watches at Their customer service team can help you decide which trends will look best on you. They can even help you decide which of the new colors will look best with your taste and style.

In men’s watches, watches are becoming more stylish. Since most people now carry cell phones, men’s watches have evolved from a simple timepiece to more of a fashion statement. Like in women’s watches, men’s watches are bigger than they used to be. Large faces and thick bands are popular. Brands like Rolex and TAG Heuer offer watches that combine utility and fashion. At, look for new twists on classic looks like a gold face with a brown leather strap, which looks good on everyone.