’s Online Marketing

Isaac Lustig, Director of Operations and Marketing for, is an expert in online marketing. Because of his work marketing the company online, has grown into a major international business with more than 100,000 customers since it began. All of’s marketing takes place online. They are exclusively an online company; with no physical stores and only two offices, the company keeps overhead, and therefore prices, low. They are a great example of how an online company can market itself with a smart online marketing strategy.

How does market itself online? They use a great deal of pay-per-click online marketing. This means that only pays the host agency of an online ad when the ad is clicked. This method means that the host of the ad is incentivized to place the ad in a place that will be most visible to people who are more likely to click on it. For Isaac Lustig and, this is a smart way to spend their marketing budget. They only spend money when their ads actually bring someone to their web site.

Isaac has built strong working relationships with big pay-per-click hosts like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. We asked Isaac if there was a trick to pay-per-click advertising. He strongly recommends that you develop a good relationship with contacts at any company with which you advertise. A personal touch can lead to better prices, and makes the working experience more pleasant for everyone. also uses a great deal of targeted marketing. Targeted marketing means that instead of placing advertisements all over the web, they advertise to people who have shown some interest in a watch company. This might be people who have done a web search for where to buy watches, or people who read an article on watches.


How Scouts Select Watches has a huge selection of over 1,000 new watches from 35 designers. It has certain classic watches that are always available, but much of its inventory also shifts depending on trends and what is available from watchmakers. They have watches at a range of prices, and you can find pieces from the most classic to the most avant-garde. You can see the entire collection of men’s and women’s watches at Shlomo Lustig, President of, is in charge of the company’s collection. He travels the world looking at promising new designs and selecting pieces for sale on the website. However, he can’t choose all of the pieces himself, since he is often needed at the main office in Birmingham, UK, or its sister office in Dallas, Texas. When he can’t travel personally, Shlomo Lustig relies on trained scouts to make recommendations for which watches should purchase for resale.

How do the scouts select new watches? They start by reading up on the year’s fashion trends, particularly as they relate to jewelry. It is important for scouts to anticipate what customers will be looking for as they shop. Then, they visit watchmakers. They have established relationships with some major brands, but they also look for smaller manufacturers who might have a great product with less exposure. For example, they often visit small watch shops in Switzerland to look for watches that they could help market to an international audience. When scouts find a piece that is appealing in terms of style, they consider value and quality. They only purchase watches that will last for several years, because they know that their customers want a high-quality watch. scouts are also trained in pricing watches, so they know when a watch is priced correctly.